ITAM Tool Selection

We compare a variety of tools and address each tool’s functionality and the benefits it provides for our clients. The most appropriate IT Asset Management tool that meets our clients' organisational needs is selected. We ensure the selected tool provides numerous efficiencies to our clients’ organisations whilst minimising risks, maximising returns and driving increased business value. 

ITAM Toolset Installation/Migration

ITAMeyes encourages agility by allowing for quicker, effective and more accurate migrations, upgrades and organisational changes. Whether our clients need to install a new tool or switch from one tool to another – our services successfully help clients achieve their desired goals. 

Support and Training

Support is a phone call away and is provided before, during and after purchase. ITAMeyes work in conjunction with ITAM Academy to provide recommended training to educate our clients at their disposal. Our consultants’ approach supports our clients to become confident, innovative, responsible, reflective and engaged. 

ITAM Maturity Process

Our consultants ensure that business and IT objectives are aligned to our clients’ ITAM goals and operations. ITAMeyes is partnered with SAM Charter, thus enabling us to utilise the SAM Charter Process Kit: Version 2 and their award-winning consultants to ensure our clients get the best ROI from their tool investment.  

If any of the following statements apply to your company, you should assess your ITAM processes:

  1.  You are concerned about hidden costs and uncontrolled risks in the IT environment.

  2. You are experiencing critical issues and inefficiencies in your ITAM processes, but you are unable to resolve them.

  3. You are unsure that ITAM processes are perfectly aligned with your company's objectives.

  4. You are unsure how to appropriately allocate and use exisiting resources.

  5. You do not have a direct roadmap to ITAM maturity and improvement for the foreseeable future.